We think of our modality at Above Category as being one of pursuing the pinnacle of the cycling experience without sacrificing any performance. The Baum Corretto is a shining example of our core doctrine. In a world cluttered by ubiquitous carbon engineered for the mean average, we found the Corretto to offer the biggest contrast to the five-size bicycle industry norm. This is the frameset professional cyclists lust after when they retire, when they’re no longer constrained by sponsor obligations, carbon schedules, and frames built for common denominators. Don’t believe us? Just ask Cadel Evans.

Conceived on Australia’s Great Ocean Road and carefully assembled in Geelong by former aerospace engineer Darren Baum, the Corretto takes custom framebuilding to the absolute limit. Baum externally butts every single titanium tube on the Corretto. Every. Single. Tube. Not only does this shear as much weight as possible from the frameset, it also gives Baum the opportunity to tune the ride almost precisely to their individual specifications – for you. Depending on your input, we assist Baum with building the perfect frame for your weight, age, riding style, riding habits, and aspirations as a cyclist. Sprinter? Climber? Breakaway specialist? Fondo extraordinaire? It doesn’t particularly matter, Baum can dial in the exquisite ride of your frame for decades to come, but make no mistake, the Corretto is rooted in racing – this isn’t your dad’s custom Ti frame. Topping off the Corretto are scalloped chainstays, not just a trick look, but a performance boon as well, shaving weight and allowing Baum to tune the ride of the bike just so.

Attention to detail is Baum’s other pillar, beyond just perfect welds at every tube junction. The paint is world-class, and like all other aspects of Baum’s manufacturing process (from dropouts to headtubes), done completely in-house. Every logo and minute, intricate facet of the bike’s patina is painted, with decals totally eschewed. The inside of the tubeset, an area no one save the builder will ever see, is perfectly clean. Even the bottom bracket threading is a work of precision art, with just enough perfectly-faced threads for a 68mm BSA bottom bracket – no more, no less.

We can confidently state that the Baum Corretto is the epitome of the individual cycling experience in a mass-produced world. The Corretto bare frame weight varies depending on rider specifications and size, but our house 55cm Corretto built for a 175lb male with a solid amount of power tips the scales at 1190g without headset. The Baum Corretto ships from Geelong with a Chris King headset, paint-matched 3T Arx Team stem (ENVE available), ENVE Seatpost, and fork (3T Funda or ENVE depending on geometry and sizing).

Above Category is Baum’s exclusive North American agent, and our experience with the Corretto is as deep as any you’ll find outside of the walls of Baum in Geelong. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about your next Baum build.

  • Titanium - CWSR Grade 9 certified tubing.
  • 3T Funda Team or upgrade to Enve 1.0 or 2.0 fork.
  • Scalloped and bi-ovalized chainstays. Every tube is butted in-house to rider requirements.
  • 68mm bottom bracket shell (English thread) - CNC butted and relieved
  • Routing is external only for mechanical, internal for Di2/EPS, or bare for wireless eTap.
  • Chris King headset


The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds: Day Eight

A bike can be a tool. A bike can be a plaything. It can be a vehicle for adventure, for discovery. It can also be a memento to a time in life when things were distinctly different. This Breathtaking Build, a Baum Corretto fit only for a maritime wanderer, fits all of those definitions, while still blowing our sense of aesthetics and function away.


The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds: Day Five

The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds is an assortment of our most stunning, most striking bikes over the year. Sometimes that definition isn't necessarily the most outlandish, the most breakthrough, but the most timeless. That adjective applies directly to Day Five's bike, a Baum Corretto for the ages in a classic paint scheme and build to last for decades to come.


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Bike of the Week: Fate's Corretto

A skeptic finds riding joy in a Baum Corretto, our titanium security blanket in bicycle form.


Bike of the Week: Azzurra Corretto

More than a couple of years ago, we were proud to present a Baum Corretto celebrating two of our favorite things: The Giro d'Italia, and Campagnolo in 80th Anniversary livery. It was everything Italy, and everything our inner cycling history professor longed for. But, like that professor's university students, our tastes have a habit of diverging, diversifying, and divesting. Meet our latest take on the tricolore scheme, an azzurra homage to the Azzurri, Italy's national football team.


Bike of the Week: A Red on Black Baum Corretto

Red and black might be one of the most standard and safe paint schemes in cycling. Or...anything for that matter. As routine as it might be, it still yields some pretty spectacular bicycles. This time though, we took the black and red and did it a little different. Going full-matte everything, with the right mix of white and grey accents, this Baum came out quite incredibly.


Bike of the Week: The Green Monster

There's something special about getting the opportunity to work with an existing client on a new build. We've been through the process with them before. We know the kind of rides they've been doing. We've seen what kind of care (or abuse) they've regularly put their bike through. We've been there to hear all the stories of what they've loved and maybe even hated over the years.


The Effortless Zenith of Custom Bicycles: The Above Category x Baum Cycles Process

The second in a two-part series on Above Category's and Baum Cycles' partnership. We illustrate the ease and attainability of a custom bike with Above Category, especially a Baum, the pinnacle of performance road bikes.


Bike of the Week: Andre's Baum Corretto

This week we bring you our latest Baum Corretto build, perfectly blending a stealthy look with a dab of subtle colors to bring a perfect touch of class. We built this for a client in Brazil who likes fast bikes, fast cars, and knows exactly what he wants. Let's dive into the details and take a closer look!


The Baum Supremacy

We believe that Baum Cycles builds the finest road racing bicycles in the world, from a performance, fit, and finish perspective. In a phrase, Baum produces the epitome of performance personalization in a mass-produced world. We went on a journey to Geelong, Australia to find out why and how. Read on and discover the Baum Superiority along with us.


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