El Duende, in contemporary Flamenco art, is the very essence of authentic humanity. It is the sheer evocation of emotion, the feeling of being moved. More recently, it’s become interpreted as a more visceral, necessary contrast of love and pain in music. Musician Nick Cave lamented duende in a lecture in 1999, saying “All love songs must contain duende. For the love song is never truly happy. It must first embrace the potential for pain. Those songs that speak of love without having within in their lines an ache or a sigh are not love songs at all but rather Hate Songs disguised as love songs, and are not to be trusted. These songs deny us our humanness and our God-given right to be sad and the air-waves are littered with them. The love song must resonate with the susurration of sorrow, the tintinnabulation of grief.”

Thus, the Pegoretti Duende. A marriage of tradition and modernity, a discontent struggle coming together in sublime beauty, like the tale of cycling itself – and of Mr. Cave’s musical works. Pegoretti’s most “traditional” steel frame, now that the lugged Day’s Done and Luigino are no more, the Duende is the dark contrast of a stiff, oversized Columbus Spirit front triangle with slim, tapered seat and chainstays for a more compliant rear end. With the Pegoretti Falz carbon fork and oversized D11 headtube in front, the Duende is the racing frameset for the traditionalist, an exercise in two balanced personalities.

Available in any of Dario’s current paint schemes or in the original “Surprise Me”, Mr. Pegoretti’s choice Ciavete, each Duende, like all other Pegoretti frames, is first a bicycle, and second a work of art. Handmade and painted in Pegoretti’s frameshop in Verona, Italy, all frames are available in stock sizing or custom geometry for an upcharge. Pegoretti framesets include Falz fork, Chris King D11 headset, and mechanical routing only.

  • Columbus Spirit tubeset, TIG welded
  • Italian-threaded BB
  • Stock Pegoretti paint or Ciavete options
  • External mechanical routing only
  • Includes Chris King D11 headset and Pegoretti Falz carbon fork
  • Leadtime: 8-14 months
Pegoretti Frame Geometry Seat Top Setback Seat Head Head Fork Chain
Tube Tube cm. Angle Angle Tube Rake Stay
Length Length       Length   Length
48 51.8 75° 72° 4.5 41.0
49 52 13.1 74.5 72° 10.1 5.0 40.7
50 52.5 13.4 74.5 72° 11.3 5.0 40.7
51 53 14.1 74° 72° 12.4 5.0 40.7
52 53.5 14.3 74° 72.5 13.4 5.0 40.7
53 54.2 15.0 73.5 72.5 14.3 5.0 40.7
54 55 15.3 73.5 73° 15.2 4.5 40.7
55 55.8 16.1 73° 73° 16.3 4.5 41.0
56 56.5 16.4 73° 73° 17.5 4.5 41.0
57 57 16.7 73° 73° 18.7 4.5 41.0
58 57.5 17.1 72.5 73° 19.5 4.5 41.5
59 58 17.9 72° 73° 20.5 4.5 41.5
60 58.5 18.1 72° 73° 21.6 4.5 41.5
61 58.7 72° 73° 21.5 4.5 41.5
62 59 71.5° 73° 22.5 4.5 41.5


Visiting a Master: Dario Pegoretti

While there is no doubt in the skill, craftsmanship, and artistry among today's sea of builders (seriously, there is some undeniable talent out there), there is something they all seem to lack the same. Pedigree. True, race winning pedigree. Well, all but one.


Pegoretti Duende: Firm Where It Needs To Be, Plush Everywhere Else

Lovingly crafted in a small shop in the Dolomites, Dario Pegoretti’s steel Duende offers the smooth ride quality and steering precision that reminds all of us of what you might call the golden age of hand built steel frames. Thing is the Duende has the stiffness and pedal response of any modern racing frame. Dario has made this possible simply this by combining the front triangle of Marcelo and the rear triangle of the Palosanto. The result is bike that’s equally at home in any bike race as it is on a century or credit card tour.


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