Road racing is now almost exclusively a purvey of carbon fiber machines, glued together and molded in high-temperature autoclaves. Dario Pegoretti’s Marcelo (technically, now called the “MXXXXXO”) is the Old World’s middle finger to that notion, the one that steel is a relic of the past, incapable of comparing to the latest composite wunderbikes. We put our money where our mouths are, and slid the Marcelo (along with Dario’s now-defunct Love #3) under our elite road squad for two seasons on the American national circuit, where it performed admirably.

A pure steel race bike comprised entirely of heat-treated, TIG-welded oversized Columbus Spirit tubing, the Marcelo’s connected, responsive ride convinces ardent carbon junkies of its legitimacy. Hooded dropouts give the massive seat and chainstays extra weld surface at their meeting point, helping make the Marcelo an ideal launchpad for even the most powerful of riders. Dario’s trademark grand tour geometry ensures comfort over the long haul, and when diving into corners or throttling the bike at 1500 watts in a sprint, the D11 oversized headtube keeps the front tracking true. Even with the massive amount of stiffness, the Italian steel’s comfort delivers, muting harsh road buzz and taking the ragged edge off of bumpy roads.

Available in any of Dario’s current paint schemes or in the original “Surprise Me”, Mr. Pegoretti’s choice Ciavete, each Marcelo, like all other Pegoretti frames, is first a bicycle, and second a work of art. Handmade and painted in Pegoretti’s frameshop in Verona, Italy, all frames are available in stock sizing or custom geometry for an upcharge. Pegoretti framesets include Falz fork, Chris King D11 headset, and mechanical routing only.

  • Columbus Spirit tubeset, heat-treated and TIG welded
  • Italian-threaded BB
  • Stock Pegoretti paint or Ciavete options
  • External mechanical routing only
  • Includes Chris King D11 headset and Pegoretti Falz carbon fork
  • Leadtime: 8-14 months
Pegoretti Frame Geometry Seat Top Setback Seat Head Head Fork Chain
Tube Tube cm. Angle Angle Tube Rake Stay
Length Length       Length   Length
48 51.8 75° 72° 4.5 41.0
49 52 13.1 74.5 72° 10.1 5.0 40.7
50 52.5 13.4 74.5 72° 11.3 5.0 40.7
51 53 14.1 74° 72° 12.4 5.0 40.7
52 53.5 14.3 74° 72.5 13.4 5.0 40.7
53 54.2 15.0 73.5 72.5 14.3 5.0 40.7
54 55 15.3 73.5 73° 15.2 4.5 40.7
55 55.8 16.1 73° 73° 16.3 4.5 41.0
56 56.5 16.4 73° 73° 17.5 4.5 41.0
57 57 16.7 73° 73° 18.7 4.5 41.0
58 57.5 17.1 72.5 73° 19.5 4.5 41.5
59 58 17.9 72° 73° 20.5 4.5 41.5
60 58.5 18.1 72° 73° 21.6 4.5 41.5
61 58.7 72° 73° 21.5 4.5 41.5
62 59 71.5° 73° 22.5 4.5 41.5


The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds: Day Eleven

The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds is very nearly finished, but before it's over, the second Pegoretti of the dozen builds sanctifies the series. Inspired by the famous modern artist Mark Rothko, it's classic Peg in a classic livery homage to one of the great painters of the 20th century. Behold, the Rothko Marcelo, a pure steel race bike finished in the color fields of a master.


The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds: Day Eight - The House Marcelo

It's the Above Category-special Pegoretti Marcelo. Dario Pegoretti and Above Category tend to be synonymous phrases in the correct context, and eventually, it wasn't without trepidation that a one-off AC paint scheme was commissioned.


The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds: Day Three - Pegoretti Marcelo Gone Wow

A special Pegoretti Marcelo that's never seen the light of day, built to do one thing while looking damned good: Go fast.


BOTW: Pegoretti, a family affair

For this week's Bike of the Week, we bring you a Pegoretti double-header. Heading for the Sunshine State (Florida), we have a Pegoretti Responsorium for Carlos and a Pegoretti Marcelo for his nephew, Danny. They both ordered these bikes about eight months ago and their patience rewarded them with these two Pegoretti’s in Ciavete. Keep reading to see how they turned out.


Visiting a Master: Dario Pegoretti

While there is no doubt in the skill, craftsmanship, and artistry among today's sea of builders (seriously, there is some undeniable talent out there), there is something they all seem to lack the same. Pedigree. True, race winning pedigree. Well, all but one.


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