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Bike of the Week: Yellow Ciavette Responsorium

by Derek Yarra |  | 

We've been working with Dario Pegoretti for a very long time. His bikes have been a flagship of our line for years, something that will likely never change. And for good reason! We could write a full essay on building up this bike and why Pegorettis are so special to us, but I'll spare you all and get straight to the point. This week we share our latest build, an incredible yellow sample of a Ciavete paint job on a top of the line Responsorium. We'll let the images do the talking.

Pegoretti Custom Painted Steel Bike Ciavette
Two stamps of approval. Every Pegoretti has the iconic hand created head badge, but it’s usually only the freehanded Ciavete painted models that get Dario’s signature on the stay.

Dario Pegoretti Signature on Ciavette Custom Steel Bike
Speaking of this Ciavete, it deserves a closer look. The depth of this paint job is incredible. Each brush stroke is masterful and the color palette is amazing. Dario's ability to create a work of art wrapped around the steel canvas is truly awe-inspiring. The movement contained within such a restricted canvas is one of a true master with years of experience creating work. His ability to create texture across both the top and down tubes with a consistency that links the entire piece together is one of skill and forethought. Patterns ring through for many of Pegoretti's pieces and this one continues the theme throughout with the main tubes carrying the artistic workload.

Pegoretti Custom Painted Steel Bike Paint detail
Keeping things Italian, this bike called for a full Fizik cockpit. The black finish lets the details of the frame pop while the little yellow 00 logos tie it all together.

Custom Painted Steel Bike by Dario Pegoretti saddle
Could you think of a better choice than Super Record for this build? Nope, neither could we.

Custom Dario Pegoretti Painted Steel Bike drivetrainCustom Painted Dario Pegoretti Steel Bicycle rear derailuer
A slight departure from the Italian theme, a custom wheel build was in order for this bike. Zipp's light yet aero 202 rims were laced to the tried and true Chris King r45 hubs, making for one formidable wheelset. While built from some of America's finest manufacturers, they're still wrapped in Italian rubber. Vittoria Corsas, no less.

Custom Painted Dario Pegoretti Steel Bicycle chris king hubCustom Painted Pegoretti Steel Bike with Zipp Wheels
Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite recent builds. It's going to be hard to see this one leave the shop. Curious about a Pegoretti of your own? Drop us a line to see what models we've got in stock or to inquire about a custom build.

Custom Painted Steel Dario Pegoretti Ciavette Bicycle rear