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Birthday at AC

by Anthony Little |  | 

Had a great Friday, first, it was Kris's birthday, and what did he spend his birthday morning doing? Baking an apple pie that we all ate! Thanks man... Then Dean Bentley came over and did an amazing photo shoot w/ us. It was also his birthday on Monday, happy birthday guys! Then we had pie, then some gelato from Noci, then pie with gelato... We got some cool bikes in to build for you guys and some to build for us to test. Our new Service Center is almost complete, the website is coming along and a lot more, so stay tuned. I'm getting more free time to get back to the good stuff like riding and doing this...

Kris showed up late on his birthday, but it's cool as he brought in this 20lb (no joke) cast iron pan full of the best apple pie I've ever had. Kris is one of the best mechanics around, but his baking may even be better!

Close up action shot of the pie. Most of the apples are from the shop tree, so even better! Beautiful!

Dean Shot a lot of Pegoretti's today, our plan is to make a couple beautiful prints as well, more on that later. Thank you Dean, can't wait to see the finished product...

Pegoretti Marcelo in que

Then, after a lot of shooting and building bikes, we gorged ourselves on the pie that kris spent his birthday morning baking, did I say thanks yet? Thanks (oh, and check out the portions! Love riding bikes!)

Zack had a tough day as well getting all our crumbs off the floor, thanks dude...

and thank you all for reading