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BOTW: Lunners Pegoretti Marcelo

by Anthony Little |  | 

This weeks Bike of the Week (BOTW) is going to be a bit different. Instead of a freshly built brand new bike we are going to give you a glimpse of a well used, no punished race bike that belongs to our former mechanic, Kris Lunning. Actually, punished is not even a strong enough word for this Pegoretti Marcelo that was built by Dario specifically for Kris and the Above Category elite team.


From old PC 1072

Here is Kris on the Pegoretti Marcelo putting the hurt on the field at the Tour of the Gila stage race in New Mexico. And yes, that is LA and Horner behind him (that is Horners pain face as well). A bit of background here as well, when the frames from Dario arrived at the shop for the team we saw that Dario built Love #3’s for everybody, except Kris. Kris received the steel Marcelo which is close to a pound more than the Love. Kris, and I can safely say this as he’s moved back to Jackson Hole and can’t come punch me for this, threw a little tantrum. Something along the lines of “why do I have to have the heavy bike? This is no fair! I can climb faster than Ian but he gets the light bike?” But I think Dario had a feeling about Kris, he knew he liked to ride and race hard more than he liked to clean his bike. He knew that Kris was a pretty hard guy, the kind of racer who’d crash heavy in a big NRC race only to chase back on to the lead group with parts hanging off his bike and most likely broken parts in his body. Dario also knew Kris was strong and punishes his bike as much as he punishes those riding around him (because I told Dario this). So, as you’ll see in this blog I feel and Kris came around to the fact that Dario chose right and the Marcelo turned out to be the right choice for this application.


I can’t even remember how many racing seasons this Pegoretti Marcelo has had on it in this picture, but I think four is a good estimate. Edge (as ENVE was originally known) was also a team sponsor and somehow Kris has managed to keep the front wheel in working order. The handlebars also survived many offs, but the fork was not so lucky. Kris stuck with a 10v Campagnolo Record group paired with a Shimano Dura-Ace SRM and also a 10v Dura-Ace cassette.


The paint on the chain stay has seen better days, and the Dura-Ace SRM has seen a few watts.


That Above Category logo on the top tube is actually our packing tape and is most likely covering up evidence of the latest crash.


There was a point after an NRC stage race that Kris was competing in, San Dimas maybe, after a big crash in the lead group where Kris actually thought the bike was done for. So he started drawing all over it and basically condemned it to a life as our coffee getter. But, a few months later when his new super light carbon bike broke, Kris was back training and racing on the Marcelo as if nothing happened.


For some reason, Kris ignored his own warnings…



There is a good chance that this is an original prototype Bar Fly. Kris did all the early torture testing for Woody who at the time was our manager but then became famous and left us for the greener grass of manufacturing and then promptly stole Kris away from us. Thanks again Woody.


uhm, Kris? Don’t think this bike actually needs a cable rub protector. But at least there is one quarter sized piece of the bike that still looks relatively new!


Original Antares saddle from team sponsor Fizik. Nice work with the tubular roll as well, though not sure I agree w/ the strap. Velcro? Toe strap Kris, toe strap…


It was the nicest coffee bike in the world until Kris decided to start racing on it again.


Could use a packing tape band aid under the down tube as well. Nobody can say that this Pegoretti didn’t live a full life…



Yeah, but who’s really paying attention to that little detail?


We’ll part with a picture of Kris at the Brisbane race way back when the bike was new. Looking back at this I want to thank Dario Pegoretti again for building our team such amazing bikes that none of the team members wanted to part with and thanks to the team for treating the bikes so well and giving them the stick that they deserved! This goes to show that a strong, sturdy, well made metal bike is the match for any new wind tunnel proven bike out there today.

Thanks for reading!