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Building a Pegoretti Responsorium

by Anthony Little |

About 2 weeks ago, we had the pleasure of building one of the coolest Pegoretti Responsoriums that we've had in yet. We did a few custom things here and there, but pretty much everything is stock, but it all went together so well, performance-wise and aesthetically.

First things first, prep the frame. This is for sure a dying art with the advent of BB30 and all the other "System Integration" stuff going on. For me at least, this gives the bike a little more soul...

And this is why you chase the threads...

The end result of chasing, super clean. Next step is facing the shell to ensure a perfectly parallel platform to install the cups...

The facing tool.

Then comes chasing and facing of the head tube, chasing the derailleur hanger and lastly, the water bottle mounts the cable guide mount and the shifter mounts.

Starting the build, thread chasing tool still in the shifter mount. Love this bike, the customer only had two requests, a white base coat and no red anywhere on the bike...

Something else you don't see much of anymore, the down tube shifter mounts.

Lightweight brake blocks. Work great with the wheels. We have found much better than the yellow ones made by the same company, Swiss Stop.

Custom finished Deda stem. We had it painted in a glossy black to match the Edge 1.0 fork that we clear coated.

Almost finished, some bar tape and dial in the position...

Fizik tape and the perfectly matched Chris King headset, Edge fork and Deda stem...

Nice wheels

One thing I'd do over is remove the Deda logos on the bar. Plus, the Presa decal is the only red on the entire bike, not cool!


All in, a very low 15lb steel bike. Little bit different from the 23lb Bob Jackson I rode 15 years ago.

Thanks for reading!

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