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Dario Pegoretti and gelato

by Anthony Little |  | 

Here are a few photo's from last months featured artist showing at Cici Gelateria, , in Mill Valley. I can not think of a better pairing; the best gelato in the states and 9 of the finest Pegoretti frames in steel and aluminum. It was great seeing them hung on the wall of something other than the bike shop for a while and I loved seeing cyclists and non cyclists alike learning a little about one of the best frame builders and designers in the world. Thanks Cici!

A 55cm Marcelo, 52cm 8:30am and a 51cm Duende. Even though the frames are not there anymore, next time you are in Mill Valley, you need to stop by Cici. Seriousely, the best gelato i've ever had, and i've had a lot. Ask for the salted chocolate and caramel...

'09 Duende 56cm, a customers Marcelo, 57cm Big Leg Emma and another customers Marcelo...

Check out the Marcelo with the '09 Baci paint scheme but in a kind of steel blue base layer. Way in the back is a 52cm Fina Estampa. One of the coolest bikes in the collection...

No, this is not a Responsorium. It's a Marcelo, and sorry, but it's sold!

Classic Love #3 on the right in 58cm. If you want to see any of these in person they are back in the shop now!

Thanks for looking!