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Levi's King Ridge Gran Fondo

by Anthony Little |

Alright. So we checked out the first-ever Levi’s King Ridge Gran Fondo this weekend. Amazing event. Crazy turn-out for a first time ride on pretty rough terrain. Excellent weather and, if you’ve ever ridden up in West Sonoma, some of the best riding in the world.

A few largely unsorted thoughts in the wake of Saturday’s event:

Regardless of what kind of shorts you’re wearing, Assos Chamois Crème is the first thing you should put in your gear bag for a long ride over really rough roads. I’d volunteer more details, but that’s probably all you need to know.

When you climb to the top of King Ridge, you’re nowhere near the top of the climb that you need to do to get to the descent that takes you back to the coast. More like halfway there and you're too far from home to do anything other than gut it out.

It’s windy on Coleman Valley road and climbing it is much harder than it looks on TV when the riders are doing it in the Tour of California.

Judging by the number of times his name was painted on the road, Steven Cozza is very well liked in West Sonoma.

Tom Ritchey has one of the world’s best properties along the top of Sea View Road (near the intersection of Fort Ross Road.)

Carlos Perez from Bike Monkey Magazine did an amazing job of organizing the ride. Full road closure at every corner for a hundred plus miles.

It’d be nice if the Assos Luftschutz jacket packed down a little smaller.
FRS Energy Chews are rancid, only have 20 calories each and are wrapped in foil that is impossible to take off while riding.

Between BMC and Bissell there are a hell of a lot of pro bike racers that live in Santa Rosa.

Levi must've raised a lot of money for charity.

Have your credit card ready when they open registration for next year--it’s going to sell out in the first few hours.

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