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Osei by Dario Pegoretti

by Anthony Little |  | 

Here is a recent Pegoretti that we built for a customer in Chicago.  Highlights include a Shimano Dura-Ace group with an SRM, gold Chris King R-45 hubs (24, 20) with DT Swiss Aerolight spokes laced to Hed Belgium rims, Vittoria Open Corse clinchers, WR seatpost, Zipp bar and stem and a Fizik Kurve saddle.  Many of you may gasp when you see the Shimano components on an Italian made Pegoretti, but we don’t and it turned out quite nice especially as the grey and polished group works so well with this frame.  Not to mention that the 7900 group is one of our favorites.

Dura-Ace SRM and the beautifully working 7900 front derailleur…

Our favorite clincher tires, the gumwall Vittoria Open Corse SC’s.  Fast, smooth and comfortable if not a bit quick in how long they last.


King stainless cages, one of the best things in cycling that $17 can buy.

Fizik Kurve, this is the Bull, or Aliante version…

Nuevo classic, the Zipp bars have a great round drop but a little bit of flat top section.

Chris King 20 hole front R-45.  A work of indestructible art.

What makes a Duende different from the Marcelo?  This is it, the chain and seat stays start w/ the same diameter tubes as the Marcelo but taper towards the dropouts.

More birds, this time on a wire…

We sourced an older Reynolds Ouzo Pro for this bike.  Would have liked to clear the decals but did not have the time.  Loved this fork, strong with a nice curve to it which looks great with the smaller diameter head tube and external headset.


Nice and clean Dario!

One of the best QR’s around.  Do yourself a favor and buy a few pairs before they are gone.  You will have them forever.

24 hole Chris King R-45.  We take them apart everyday as we love looking at and admiring the internals, such precision…

As we all dream of being…

More birds, another wire.  Love, love, love…

Bike turned out great and a reminder, we can paint any Pegoretti in any of his many schemes, so weather you want a Big Leg Emma or a new Duende, we can do this paint.

We hope you enjoyed this bike and we’ll be back shortly with some more.  Let us know how we can help you build the bike you’ve always wanted!  -AC