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Pegoretti: Everything We've Got!

by Anthony Little |

Since our flurry of postings on Pegoretti a few weeks back, we’ve had a handful of requests wondering exactly how many of Dario’s creations have in stock. In fact, we’ve had a lot of calls and emails from riders as far away as Australia asking about specifc sizes and colors. So, we thought we’d post a simple listing of everything that we have in stock from Pegoretti along with pricing so everyone can see if we have their next dream bike sitting here in Mill Valley.

Can we get a drumroll please…….

Marcelo($3400 w/fork)
50cm with Baci colorway
51cm with Baci colorway
54cm with Thelonius colorway
56cm with Baci colorway
58cm with Baci colorway

Duende($2850 w/fork)
51cm with ABVD colorway
55cm with ABVD colorway
56cm with Lori colorway
57cm with Osei colorway

Responsorium ($4500 w/fork)
56cm with Catch the Spider colorway
58cm with Catch the Spider colorway

Love #3 ($3400 w/fork)
52cm with You Really colorway
58cm with You Really colorway

8:30AM ($1900 w/fork)
52cm with Red colorway
59cm with Navy Blue colorway

Fina Estampa ($2100 w/fork)
52cm with Masa colorway

Big Leg Emma ($4300 w/fork)
Custom geo (53 ST, 56.5 TT, 11.3 HT) Some Body colorway

Just looking for some pretty pictures of Pegoretti frames, check our blog posting from the show we put together at one of the world’s finest gelaterias here.

If you're interested in one of the frames mentioned above or just want to talk, give us a call @ 415.389.5461, email or come by the shop.

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