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Pegoretti Responsorium

by Anthony Little |

Pegoretti Responsorium from Above CategoryThis is one of our favorite Responsorium builds that we’ve done in a while.  2010 Campagnolo Super Record and Lightweight Standards highlight the build and help get the total weight to well under 15 pounds, including pedals and cages.

Pegoretti ResponsoriumAs you can see, Dario painted this particular Responsorium with a white base, a little yellow, a little light blue and a lot of black.  He was also in a writing mood as there is a good portion of a book written on these stainless steel tubes.

Spare tire w/ Campagnolo toe strapComing soon I’ll write a how-to on folding a tubular and tucking it under the saddle.  Then you’ll be one step closer to riding on the best tire system full time!  This particular set up includes one of our old stock Campagnolo toe strap.  If you have some of these laying around give us a shout!

Enve 1.0 fork w/ custom finishWe sent this Enve 1.0 fork to our painter and had all the logo’s removed and added a clear coat.  Simple changes that made big difference.  Dario’s bikes just look better without all the logos that come pasted over almost every bike part these days.  Let the frame do the talking right?

Pegoretti’s now famous head badge.  Fatti con le mani, or, made by hand.

We also sent this stem (Deda sc) to our painter to have it toned down just a bit from original.  We’ve done handlebars many times in the past as well, but it can be a bit of a pain in the butt and adds quite an added expense to an already expensive bar.  Not that we are against that, but sometimes the stock parts work just fine.

The solid and big chainstays on the responsorium keep things stiff out back and give Dario plenty of real estate for his creativity.

If we are not using King stainless or titanium cages, chances are we’re using something from Arundel.  Nice design, good looking, light and hold the bottles over the worse road conditions.  Also, take a look at the paint.  Love the hints of blue and yellow.

More paint and a WR seatpost from Italy.  Heavy and expensive, but also one of the few 30.0 posts out there.  You won’t have to worry about this on Dario’s 2012 frames as he’s increased seat tube diameter to 31.6.

Part of the novel Dario wrote on this particular Responsorium.

Nice burly dropouts and our favorite single pivot brakes from Campagnolo.


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