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Ride Scenery

by Anthony Little |

Here we go again, but (again) I just can't get over the place we get to ride here and just wanted to share a few pics from the ride this morning. Seriously, you've got to come here and ride! Bring everyone, San Francisco is about 15min away for the non riders among the fam...

From this one spot on Hwy 1 heading North towards Stinson Beach I took the four following pictures. This one is straight down to the beach. There were a bunch of seals swimming around which means there are most likely a few Great Whites somewhere out there...

Then this one, looking south towards Muir Beach.

And then the 3rd shot, looking up at the top of the ridge. I love seeing this view every time I take the hard right hander in the road and see the barren hill w/ the little bunch of dead trees on top, even better in the fog!

And of course had to get the bike in here with the Pacific behind the bluff to the left of the shot. Did some low cadence work today and the Pinarello felt super fast even at 40-60rpm...

Right before you get to Stinson Beach you hang a hard right and head up this hill. This is our common interval hill and where I did the low cadence work today. In about 20min depending on how fast you are, you will come to Pantoll Ranger Station. If you hang a left there you have another 8min to Rock Springs parking lot, go right there and there is another 10min to the top of West Peak. The view is very much worth the climb, oh, as is the descent!

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