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Spin Class Mechanicals

by Anthony Little |

We decided to do this impromptu posting based on a bike that came in today for a few things. The bar tape was pretty messed up so we agreed to change it. Under the tape was some pretty bad corrosion and it is not the first time we have seen this. In fact the last one we dealt w/ was a broken aluminum bar that had so much corrosion on the INSIDE of the bar. This is due to one of the worst things you can do to a bike if you don't clean it after every session and that is spin classes. You sweat way more indoors than outdoors and it soaks your tape and over time looks like this. Sweat is highly corrosive and over time can damage the bars or stem or bolts or cables etc. until the worse happens which is a catastrophic breakage. Last time we saw this a month or so ago, the bars broke in two while descending, luckily he was o.k but could have been worse...
So, remember, clean your bike, change your bar tape, get tune-ups!


This was after I had already cleaned off the majority from this side...

Same thing happens to headsets, hubs, skewers, seat posts, pretty much any part of the bike.

Don't forget your clothing as well. One of the best products I've found is the Active Wear Cleanser from Assos. Not going to get into the technical details here but not all detergents out there clean your cycling clothing the way the need to be cleaned to ensure longevity of the garment. This does...

The last word, clean your bike or take it to the shop often to be cleaned, take care of your equipment including your clothing and it will take care of you and for longer. And just because you are indoors does not mean you don't need to clean as often, quite the opposite...

Thanks for reading!

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