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Stage 5 & 6 of this years Giro de Sardegna with Assos

by Anthony Little |

Stage 5, TTT, 40km


Taking it easy for 40km with Rasmus



Since we were so far down in GC I decided to go as easy as possible to rest my super tired legs for the queen stage the next day. I of course made sure to keep the warmers on so everyone knew I was taking it easy, not just slow! This was a pretty flat course w/ a few minor rollers and some wind and the Assos “A” team killed it, winning the stage by a minute!



Larry, from Assos USA couldn’t laugh too hard as his skin suit was so tight. Just like motorcycle racing leathers, these things are not made for standing around in!


Larry’s Goomah, ready for TTT action! Note the single water bottle cage, saved minutes! But really, I was surprised at how many TT bikes were out there. The benefits of being able to drive to the race…


Stage 6, I forget how long, maybe 140km? I do remember lots of climbing though…



Ahhh, stage 6, the queen stage; nice views and nice weather.


We’d be coming up this road a little later, but first we had to get to the start…

Getting the Assos caravan packed up nice and early for the two hour transfer to the stage start.

The stage start was at the TOP of a very long climb which meant all of us got to start the race w/ a long fast descent. Not nervous at all…

Ribo! He was following the long standing tradition of not shaving during a race. I’m not so sure that rule was meant for stage races, or for guys who get hairy so fast! This guy is fast as hell though, had a great race and is one cool dude…

Franco! If the Giro de Sardegna would ever be held entirely in a Velodrome, he’d win, hands down. That being said, he had a pretty killer race on the roads and hills here anyway…


Remember this road? Here I am, minutes up on the field trying to get back into the top part of the GC. No one could hold my wheel, had a great team working for me and was feeling great with dreams of winning the overall in my head… OK, not really. Actually, I am pretty far off the lead group, can’t see them in fact and was waiting for the next group to catch up. But had enough time on my own to daydream! And trust me, if there was a stage of this race to be on your own and enjoy the scenery, this was it!

This was one of the tougher parts of the race. 3km at 13+%. This guy had enough energy to give a thumbs up but then blew. I felt great here and ended up have a great final stage. Super happy to feel better at the end of a hard week of racing than worse!

With the stage over, it was time for a shower and food!


Stage 7, Kermesse, 40km



Only two guys made it to the start of stage 7. It was cold, windy and looked like rain and after a hard week of racing when they said this stage didn’t count, most stayed in bed. OK, maybe more than two did it and in hindsight I wish I would have but there is always next year. Above is Kale who owns Bicycle Haus in AZ.





So, it only took me about a month to write this report of our trip to the Giro de Sardegna with the Assos team. Looking back it was by FAR the most fun I’ve ever had racing or even just riding my bike. Sure, there were times during the event that I would have loved to be somewhere else, but looking back I loved it, loved racing with all the guys Assos put together and am hoping I can get there again next year. In fact, it’s about time to get training…

Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for our next adventure!


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