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Steve D's Pinarello FP3

by Anthony Little |

The Pinarello FP3 has quickly become a favorite bike of ours. Like the punk kid whose older brother let in on all the secrets, the FP3 is wise beyond its years thanks to trickle-down advancements developed for Pinarello's flagship Prince frameset. People are raving about the FP3's lazer-like precision around corners and burliness under acceleration, and the price for a ready-to-ride campy-equipped bike is under $4k.

Looking to up the ante, Steve opted for M.O.S.T. one-piece Talon carbon bars and a M.O.S.T. XLR saddle. Both these upgrades shaved significant weight off the bike while giving it a raciness Valverde would envy.
Pinarello keeps the price low on this incredible machine by balancing out the high-cost frame with low-cost small parts. For instance, the stock bars, stem, and seatpost are heavy and unexceptional. The stock tires are mediocre. The wheels are acceptable but heavy. By swapping these parts for lighter components further down the road, the FP3 can go from being great to world-class. We've reshod Steve's bike with top-notch Vittoria Open Corsa's, which turn a margarine ride into pure sweet butter.

A good look at the M.O.S.T. talon bar/stem. Beautiful lines and light weight make these one of the few carbon bars we're proud to put on a race bike.

The XLR saddle is a Selle Italia SLR with a Pinarello skin. The blue of the seat perfectly matches the blue of the frame.
The FP3's "onda" stays are direct carryovers from the Prince.
King Cage Ti bottle cages. Enough said.Ready to race!

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