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The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds: Day Four

by Anthony Little |  | 


Day Four of the Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds is a bittersweet one, and one we waited three years for. Back before Pegoretti was a household name, Dario made bikes out of more than steel. He made two aluminum no-holds-barred race bikes, the plain-jane privateer 8:30AM, and the scandium Love #3. They were both lauded as well-riding, stiff, and light alloy race bikes when most alloy race bikes were harsh, fragile, and unforgiving. Then, three years ago, he told us that he was done making them. Why? Alloy tubing had long since gone out of style, with most custom builders working in steel and titanium, and production alloy relegated to budget options, supplanted in pro racing by carbon. In response, we placed an order on the spot for the very last of the Love #3s, a brilliant race bike, competition-proven by our elite team many years prior. And now, at long last, we have the four of them, more than 1000 days later. While three came in our venerable AC house paint scheme, one came in the always-stunning white-on-red Catch the Spider livery, and we felt it apropos to include the last of such a storied lineage in our Twelve Days.
Built with Campagnolo's latest Record kit and a full Deda Superleggera cockpit, the last Love is all-Italian.
Fat TIG welds like a perfectly-squeezed tube of toothpaste - the hallmarks of a beautifully-made aluminum frame.
img_4081 img_4156
The pride of Vicenza. Campagnolo throughout, with what we'd consider the best-value heritage parts Italy's favored sons produce, the Bora One 35 wheels and Record drivetrain.
Hooded dropouts, similar to Dario's steel Marcelo and Responsorium - another reason the Love #3 is special. They're one-offs, CNC'd solely for this final production run of frames from Mr. Pegoretti.
img_4083 img_4093
There's no denying the Italian legacy in cycling, and one needs to look no further than this Pegoretti. Designs and geometries that have, oftentimes, outlasted their makers, still reign king in the sport and industry.
The wide stance of the Falz carbon fork, designed by Pegoretti and manufactured by Columbus, is unmistakable. Dario has said that the heart of the bike is in the fork - and we tend to agree with him.
img_4087 img_4159-edit img_4164-edit
As always, many thanks for reading. Tomorrow, we revisit the world's smallest continent with one of the most overt, yet understated builds we've had a chance to put together. Until next time!