The Officially Serious Bicycle Ride

On January 21st, the Most Serious Bike Ride in the World. And you’re invited.


Some say flat black is played, the trend is dead, and that basic bros shouting “MURDERED OUT!” at their Pinterest feeds represents Peak Matte. The critics are probably right, but like most aesthetic trends, a discerning eye is required to cut through the chaff – especially on a Baum Corretto. This week, we present the wheat, a half-matte monster dressed in King, CeramicSpeed, Silca, and Alto.

Tenacity is a Tenet: The Pegoretti Permanent

Dario Pegoretti’s legacy spans decades. Proof? Take a frame from the mid-2000s, build it with contemporary parts, and send it to NAHBS. Can anyone tell the difference?

The Rain Bike to End All Rain Bikes

Under normal circumstances, our rain bikes are utilitarian and…rudimentary. But what happens when the reigns are loosed and we can build a bike designed solely for training over the winter from the ground up?

Saving the World with a Custom Bike

WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF World Bicycle Relief is, bar-none, our favorite charity. Their mission is simple: Enabling people in impoverished areas of the world to work, to learn, to help, and to live better through the Power of Bicycles. They vastly reduce the barrier of distance for young girls going to school, for healthcare workers seeing […]

Bike of the Week: Ristretto, Resurrected.

How do you stop selling your bikes every year? Simple. Just repaint them.


While we’re proponents of healthy living and losing weight the old-fashioned way (read: Diet and exercise), there’s something enormously gratifying about shedding pounds instantly. Meet the Above Category Diet, guaranteed to make you marginally faster uphill without the joyful, time-consuming misery of eating nothing but juiced kale for several months. We took an already-lithe Cervélo R5Ca and made it feel like a neo-pro at their first training camp with a hint of babyfat, robbing it of all the spare grams with some seriously drastic measures.

NOT NORMAL: Meet the man who goes by TKO.

Pas Normal Studios comes from a place where cycling should be an anomaly. Copenhagen, Denmark is at the same latitude as the southern reaches of Alaska. But here, cycling is the norm, with most of the city’s population using it as the principle modality of transit. In turn, it’s helped birth Pas Normal, a clothing brand on the forefront of the modern cycling aesthetic, and helped shape the creative drive of its lead designer. We went to Scandinavia, coming away with a conversation with him and a better understanding of what makes Pas Normal Studios tick.

Bike of the Week: The Matte Orbis

DRAB DREAMS Most of the Baums we commission come in Geelong’s trademark lustrous glossy clearcoat, and it’s a shame we don’t see more magnificent matte machines make their way into the world. Yes, they’re harder to keep clean, but the texture and real feel of a patina comes to life when it’s laid bare without […]

Rebecca’s Private Idaho: The Report

FAMOUS POTATOES, AS THEY SAY A hit squad was sent to the far reaches of the Intermountain West to do battle at Rebecca’s Private Idaho, one of the country’s up-and-coming gravel races in remote Sun Valley, Idaho. The trio made it back alive, minus some skin. This is Frank and Kemi’s story. FRANK I’ve heard […]