Bike of the Week: Robin’s Egg Baum

This week’s bike strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance. A stunning Baum Corretto with a no-nonsense build, ready for years of logging miles. Simple clean and elegant reign true throughout this build. A glimpse into the workshop, where every build takes shape. Measuring, torquing, cutting… Every step of the process is done with […]

BIKE OF THE WEEK: Chad’s Corretto Check-In

The idea of a review just sounds terrible. The thought of saying something we sell is bad, insert air quotes here, doesn’t appease us. Although when we speak about the intricacies of Baum not to mention the quality of their product it’s hard to have anything negative to say. Baum’s ability to deliver quality bicycles […]

In the Mind of a Wheelbuilder

The hand-built wheel. One of the most exciting upgrades to any bike and without a doubt a right of passage for any true bike geek. With the ubiquity of factory spec’d wheels, the skill of a wheelbuilder is seen as a dying craft, but it is still deemed a benchmark of what makes a proper […]

Bike of the Week: Yellow Ciavete Responsorium

We’ve been working with Dario Pegoretti for a very long time. His bikes have been a flagship of our line for years, something that will likely never change. And for good reason! We could write a full essay on building up this bike and why Pegorettis are so special to us, but I’ll spare you […]

Bike of the Week: The Silver Surfer

Flying through hyperspace at the speed of light, superhuman strength, and telepathic powers, who wouldn’t love a bike that enables a rider these strengths? Okay, maybe this bicycle doesn’t have the same cosmic capabilities as the board of the Silver Surfer, but it certainly comes close. Swap out time and space to more earthly transitions […]

Saddle bag essentials

The bicycle is an incredibly simple and beautiful machine and one that seems to attract some of the most obsessively aesthetic driven people. We spend countless hours perfecting the style of our bikes and the last thing we want to do is clip on unsightly satchels to transport our roadside necessities. We’ve all dreamt of […]

Bike of the Week: One Good Orbis

It’s not everyday we meet a client that so slides the carte blanche across the table so easily. Not through having vaults of gold bouillon in their back pockets necessarily, but rather by having the trust that comes when you know there are experts handling things. It’s a nice appreciated balance.   We wouldn’t ever […]

BOTW – Misfit Open

We are NOT 138 But this bike is pretty damned close. Let us present a unique monster bred from the iron lungs of the recent gravel boon meant for casual commuting and errand-running—a simple machine to take it’s rider from point A to B. However, it’ll take more than twenty eyes to determine this bike’s […]

Bike of the Week – Baby Driver

It’s quite often we build bikes for a very specific purpose. A dedicated climbing bike, a purpose built crit race bike, but sometimes the purpose of a bike is to take anything you throw at it. This week we bring you a custom Mosaic GT-1, designed to handle it all. The rain, rougher terrain, and […]

Bike of the Week: Pegoretti

To say we’re featuring ‘another’ stunning Pegoretti Marcelo could be properly construed as a misnomer. It’s rather rare that humans possess a duality like Dario, hand-crafting frames that have graced riders to the top of the sport many times over, while having an artists mindset to consistently produce original, gorgeous paint schemes that can be […]