Bike of the Week: The Rep’s Rig

Recently, we were tasked with building up a new bike for one of our local industry colleagues. The time had come for our regional Pinarello rep to build a brand new F10 disk. We’ve known and worked with Ernesto for quite a long time, but we also know he works with every other shop in […]

Pinarello Dyodo: It’s Here….

Every once in a while we get something in that we just have no idea what to do with. The thing is, we offer what we use. If we try it, put some good miles on it and like it, we love talking about it and getting it in the hands of others. So here […]

Seeking the Stoke Without Leaving City Limits

Lost and Found, The Dirty Kanza, Grinduro – all some of the most heralded gravel events on the calendar, offering riders glorious adventure into the depths of the country’s most remote areas. Whenever we have a client come in wanting to build up a new gravel machine, be it an Open or Mosaic, it’s almost […]

Bike Of The Week: @YOUCANNOTFAIL’s Baum Orbis

We are pleased to unveil this beauty of a Baum. An Orbis to be exact. A disc equipped steed, teetering the line between an all-out road machine and an all-terrain shredder. Rather than trying to label what kind of category it falls into, I think we’ll just simply call it a bike. Albeit, an incredible […]

Bike of the Week: An AC Dressed Open UP

There have been a lot of Open U.P’s pass through our workstands this past year or so; they have quickly become one of our most popular builds. We’ve talked endlessly about the overwhelming positives that surround this gravel platform but this particular frame arrives with a colorway that is quite different. Some details of the […]

Bike of the Week: A Pegoretti Pista

Continuing our tributes to Dario, we wanted to share an extraordinary build. While Pegorettis have never been a rarity in the shop, it’s pretty uncommon to have a lugged Luigino come through. Even more uncommon? A track version. Very few things can compare to the elegance of a properly built vintage track bike, and this […]

Pegoretti Ciavette: A Designers Thoughts

To an artist or designer, the most challenging aspect of the profession is the intimidation of looking at a blank canvas, piece of paper or bike frame and expecting greatness to appear when you’re done. It’s a romance we have that evolves from the mind’s eye to what the hand decides to interpret through the […]

Beneath the Surface: Built for Racing

Ian was one of Above Category’s first employees and is the guy who prompted AC to start a racing team. With a small team of six category one racers, we set out to take on the NRC circuit hitting all the stage races and a few of the bigger one-day races. While we didn’t set […]

Bike of the Week : The Multi-Chromatic Open UP

Option paralysis, it’s something we’ve all faced. Despite thinking we know what we want, there are always times we just cant make a decision. So what can we do? Sometimes we need take matters into our own hands, take all the options on the table and make our own sampler platter. In the case of […]

Long Term Review: Michael’s Baum Corretto

Meet Cyril, my Baum Corretto. Quite possibly the last bike I’ll ever buy—it is that awesome to me personally. Originally posted almost a year ago, it has only gone through a handful of adjustments and changes, but has remained as incredible a ride since. Through spot-on handling, quick acceleration, and personal beauty, this bike scores […]