Bike of the Week: Pegoretti

To say we’re featuring ‘another’ stunning Pegoretti Marcelo could be properly construed as a misnomer. It’s rather rare that humans possess a duality like Dario, hand-crafting frames that have graced riders to the top of the sport many times over, while having an artists mindset to consistently produce original, gorgeous paint schemes that can be […]


Introducing CHPT3’s hot-weather jersey, worthy of a February day at the beach.

Bike of the Week: The Orbis R, in the Flesh

Sleek, slick, fast. We delve away from the dirt to present Baum’s tarmac-oriented disc-braked bike: The Orbis R. R for Rad.

The Definitive CHPT3 Sizing Guide

Would you buy a pair of designer jeans that only came in small, medium, and large sizes? Precisely. We wouldn’t either. Take a trip with us on demystifying CHPT3’s sartorial numerical suit jacket sizing, one step at a time.

Bike of the Week: All Roads Point UP

Hot on the heels of our OFFICIALLY SERIOUS BICYCLE RIDE, we present to you Open’s perennial party piece: The new UP, in blue, featuring some of the industry’s latest attempts at “gravel-specific” componentry: Zipp’s new 650b wheels, WTB’s latest “RoadPlus” tires, and Easton’s hyperlight EC90SL crankset.

The Failure of Tradition

THEY TOOK OUR TRAILS, BUT NOT OUR FREEDOM Marin County is the ancestral home of mountain biking, even if it’s long since become the titular one. The NIMBYs took the singletrack away by the late 1980s, denying the cult of the knobby tire its birthright during adolescence. The traditionalists kicked the mountain bikes off the […]

The Open UPdate

“A marketing ploy,” the skeptics proclaim. Until they ride it. Open updates the UP, and the results are sweet.

The Officially Serious Bicycle Ride

On January 21st, the Most Serious Bike Ride in the World. And you’re invited.


Some say flat black is played, the trend is dead, and that basic bros shouting “MURDERED OUT!” at their Pinterest feeds represents Peak Matte. The critics are probably right, but like most aesthetic trends, a discerning eye is required to cut through the chaff – especially on a Baum Corretto. This week, we present the wheat, a half-matte monster dressed in King, CeramicSpeed, Silca, and Alto.

Tenacity is a Tenet: The Pegoretti Permanent

Dario Pegoretti’s legacy spans decades. Proof? Take a frame from the mid-2000s, build it with contemporary parts, and send it to NAHBS. Can anyone tell the difference?