The Liberation of a Cyclist: David Millar & Chpt. 3

Professional road racing is punishing, no doubt, and it’s not confined to the very act. The preparation is a daily ritual in preparing to suffer, which in and of itself is suffering. It is taxing, and it is painful. And, in a long chain of events, it lends us a character like David Millar, the now-retired-once-time-trial phenom who is the only British cyclist to wear the leader’s jersey in all three Grand Tours. His menswear line, Chpt. ///, is the deep breath many pro cyclists yearn for during the hardest points of their careers. We spent some time chatting with him about the line, and about his life after racing.

Mardennes: The Amstel Gold Homage

Fetishization of the Classics has been chic on this side of the pond for more than a few years. But, when one mentions “The Classics”, most American fans conjure images of cobbles and big, beer-fueled Belgians powering their way through the flatlands of the Low Countries. We’d like to draw attention to the oft-ignored latter half of the Spring’s one-day furies, the hilly Ardennes Classics, races that juxtapose rouleurs and Grand Tour phenoms in the tight, steep, and technical roads of the intersection of Belgium, Holland, and France. It’s terrain similar to Above Category’s home in Marin County, and in an homage, we’ve created a route and kit in ode to spring’s forgotten races.

Bike of the Week: A Fully AC Love # 3

One of the last of Dario Pegoretti’s Love#3 frames – in Above Category’s exclusive paint scheme, built up just right with a modern classic’s kit.

Tubulars vs. Clinchers:

Since the dawn of the pneumatic bicycle tire, road cycling has run on tires that glue to the rim, at least until fairly recently. They’re called tubulars, and most modern cyclists outside of racers haven’t ever ridden a pair, instead betrothed by the industry’s choice to the accessible clincher tire. But are tubulars really that scary? After all, we fear what we don’t know. Today, we break down the two dominant tire technologies in an attempt to lay some objectivity at the feet of the debate.

Bike of the Week: A Blue Baum Beauty

Continuing with this string of featured Baums we bring you another beauty. This remarkably stunning Baum Corretto is a perfect example of simple elegance, and has fine details throughout. Follow along as we dive into the build of this Bike of the Week. The Frame Sometimes simple is best. In this case just two colors, […]

The Truth About Bibs

Why does the industry tell women they need shorts over bibs? An uncomfortable truth: They make it hard to pee. And while some manufacturers have devised workarounds for women’s bibs that may or may not make things easier, our retired women’s pro rider on staff has a few tricks up her sleeve that make life in bibs not only bearable, but enjoyable. Check out her breakdown on how to make the impossible possible while enjoying the incredible comfort of Q36.5’s newly introduced Dottore women’s bibshorts.

KOM Hunter: The Worst Retirement Ever

Recently-retired Cannondale-Drapac professional cyclist Phil Gaimon recently dropped by Above Category on his quest to chase North America’s most legendary Strava KOMs on his own “Worst Retirement Ever” Tour. We sat down with him to talk about his journey, and while he was here, we shaved a few grams off his already-light Strava-hunting steed.

Bike of the Week: Corretto, Color of the Year Edition

Navy blue: Color of the Year? Is it too soon to make such a grandiose pronouncement? On this week’s Bike of the Week, a timeless Baum Corretto, we think not.

Pas Normal Winter Review

Winter isn’t through, and as riders, we often see our “winter” kit doing duty well into the later part of April. Michael has put Pas Normal Studios’ winter lineup through the ringer during our rain-addled winter months, and reports in with a review.

Bike of the Week: A Baby Blue Domane RSL

Our favorite races of the year – the Spring Classics – are fast-approaching. This week’s Bike of the Week is a purpose-built machine for assaulting the brutality of Northern France, Belgium, and Holland, a custom-painted Trek Domane in aggressive Race Shop Limited geometry, designed to go as fast as possible – as smoothly as possible.