Bike of the Week: Upper Gone Funner

Some say the Open UPPER is confused. Adrift. Lost in a rip in the genre time-space continuum. A Subaru BRAT? Nay, say we. Instead, let’s try a BMW 1200GS – maybe the world’s most fun category-bending motorcycle in existence. Like the Beamer, the UPPER splits the difference between a mountain bike and a road bike, offering immense long-legged versatility, especially with big 650B rubber as on this week’s featured build.

Blood in the Water: Rediscovering Bike Racing

Opportunity. What’s the saying? It never knocks twice? What if you were given the chance to ride at a UCI 2.1 stage race in Europe with a month of notice? Would you capture it, or would you let it slip? We took the chance. Or more specifically, we had our retired pro turned pro again, Nate King, take it with Q36.5-backed Team Illuminate at Transylvania’s five-day Tour of Sibiu.

Behind the Behind the Scenes of Le Tour: Questions with the Commentariat

The Tour de France is the largest sporting event in the world, and the reportage on the race could go on for eons. But it begs the question – why? We took a decidedly different approach with our visit to the two Alpine days of the Grand Boulce, instead interviewing four of the Tour’s global voices, their commentators. On today’s Journal, we chat with Bob Roll, Christian Vande Velde, David Millar, and Brian Nygaard, each storied legends in the sport in their own right.

The Disc Messiah: Meet SRAM eTap HRD

We’ve long hedged our bets about the advent of the disc brake on road racing bikes. It wasn’t for lack of trying, it just seemed that the technology, the aesthetic, the weight penalty, and the lack of the industry’s will to press the advantage all played against it. That all changes now. Meet SRAM’s second-generation and long-awaited electronic road disc group, RED eTap HRD – proof that everything gets better with time, and redemption is never far off.

Bike of the Week: Drew Hartman

Baum’s legendary prowess for building titanium isn’t limited to end consumers and aficionados, it’s also pervasive within our own industry. It’s always a pleasure to build bikes for our peers, and this BMW-inspired Corretto going to a rather particular shop owner east of the Mississippi was a true joy to assemble, from the paint to the build.

The Irrelevance of Le Tour: A Perspective

In the post-Petogate era, with Team Sky tightening its ever-increasing Vader-like death grip on what some consider cycling’s greatest spectacle, has the beloved Tour de France reached its apogee? Have the Giro and the revered Classics usurped the throne? Our newest guest contributor, Remy Hitt, dives deep into the lows – and highs – of why we maybe shouldn’t write off our sport’s greatest show quite yet.

The Orbis Has Landed

Over a year ago, Baum stopped making disc bikes. Period. And now, coinciding with all three drivetrain manufacturers introducing more matured disc groups, the advent of a new era at Baum Cycles: The Orbis, their first ground-up road disc platform. Designed around the newest standards with versatility in mind, the Orbis rides the bleeding edge of tech while still offering Baum’s legendary craftsmanship, attention to detail, and acute sense of perfection.

It’s Not a Review: Riding the Open UPPER

We thought about reviewing the new Open UPPER, until we realized that all we needed to do was point readers back to our original UP rundown a year ago. But, along with Open’s evolved gravel bike, we’ve spent the past year getting under the skin of the genre-bending riding style. What have we learned? Lots.

A Monday in Hell: CHPT3’s ONEMORELAP, Reviewed.

Open mouth, insert money – that’s how we approached putting CHPT3’s new ONEMORELAP kit through its paces. How? First, we had Nate crash in it. Hard. Then, two days later, we had him don David Millar’s signature lycra for a windswept 8.5 hour, 140-mile, gravel-and-pavement day in the saddle. Finally, we get to find out if he’d (willingly) wear it again. Read the sordid tale of A MONDAY IN HELL.

Doubling Down on Dope Domanes

What’s better than one? Two, obviously. This is America. Meet two of a kind of what may be our favorite production bike: The Trek Domane splattered in custom Project One paint. One in crimson RSL livery, with low, long geometry designed to fly under true Flandrians, the other dressed in deep, pearlescent aqua, the quintessential all-day, everyday bike with race bike capability.