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Base Layer 1 Sleeveless Anthracite Unisex

$ 65.00

Q36.5's Base Layer is a unique disruption in one of the largest copycat product categories in cycling, baselayers. Nearly a completely seamless piece save two connecting stitches at the top of each shoulder, its freedom of movement is unparallelled, amplified by the soft, stretchy honeycomb fabric custom-knit for each size. The Base Layer has significantly more elasticity and is much tougher than traditional baselayers, with no stitching to bind at the collar or sleeves. The fabric is un-hemmed and can be cut as the user wishes without compromising the durability of the product, with no risk of unraveling threads.

Conceptually, the Base Layer is designed to remove moisture from the surface of the skin as rapidly as possible, maintaining ideal body temperature (36.5°C and 98.6°F) no matter the outside conditions. While all levels of the Base Layer use the same fabric weight, Base Layer 1 is designed for use in warm conditions where as little bulk as possible is desirable. 

Materials: 44% polypropylene, 44% polyamide, 12% elastane

        • Origin: Italy
        • Weight: 75g
        • Conditions: Above 68°F / Above 20°C
        • Features: Seamless construction
Base Layer 1 Sleeveless Anthracite Unisex

Base Layer 1 Sleeveless Anthracite Unisex

$ 65.00