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Q36.5 Vest L1 Essential AC Custom

$ 215.00

This vest is a hybrid, 3-season, 137g piece of equipment. Q36.5's proprietary UFHybridShell is a thermal, ribbed fleece material which is woven on its outer side with such high density, it creates a wind resistance comparable to that of a traditional soft shell fabric while maintaining a very high degree of breathability.
You will immediately appreciate the advantages on long descents where the sweat soaked jersey is able to wick through the vest and properly dry; an entirely novel sensation for riders used to the vests currently available on the market.

The material has undergone a treatment before being woven for water resistance and fast drying times.

Two slits for easily accessing the rear pockets of your jersey.


Q36.5 Vest L1 Essential AC Custom

$ 215.00