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Posts tagged: Twelve Days of Builds

by Derek Yarra •

Dogma F10 Pinarello Twelve Days of Builds

Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds
Day 5 - A Snowy Steed

If the last two bikes seemed a bit classic for your tastes, this next bike might be a little more up your alley. The latest, Tour De France proven, Pinarello rocket ship is a fantastic take on the modern road racing bike. Wireless, electronic shifting, disc brakes, tubeless ready aero wheels...bicycle tech has certainly come a long ways, and this Dogma is the pinnacle of it. For more information about our Pinarello Demos click HERE. Interested in Pinarellos? Head over to our brand page to learn more HERE.   Want more images of this great build? Head over to our gallery for even more.Pinarello F10-Disc