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The world of custom metal bicycles can be a bit of a homogenous scene. Sure, there's an deep pool of masterful torch wielders and artful painters, all adding their unique, personal touches to what they do. There's an endless sea of beautiful bikes, that's for sure. But it's not every day you come across a builder doing something totally fresh and new.

Enter Prova Cycles from Melbourne, Australia.

Steel and titanium, both materials we've been familiar with for quite some time, but Mark Hester, the builder behind the brand, has found a reimagined approach to building two wheeled machines. Mark comes from a background as a race engineer in the automotive world and as a cyclist racing at EWS competitions. Pooling from those experiences, while being driven by a quest to deliver the absolute best experience on the bike, he looks to the latest in technology to deliver on that quest.


We haven't come across any other builders 3D printing lug pieces, hand wrapping custom butted carbon tubes, silver soldering stainless steel, and tig welding titanium all under one roof. Mark does it all, using the best materials and methods wherever he sees fit.

Each and every Prova is a custom project, made to order and built to meet the needs of every unique client. At Above Category, we're proud to be the sole partner offering Prova to North America. Give us a call to get your project started today.


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