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Our Story


We’ve been there and done that.  We started as beginners and have had to learn just like everyone else.  But we kept after it, in detail, obsessively, even compulsively. Cycling has always been our thing. Long before Above Category was born, we had ridden a countless number of different bikes, wheels, components; had done anything and everything that could be done to a bike.  Some of the things we tried worked, and some didn’t, but we learned.  We raced, we trained, we crashed and we burned but we kept trying new things, as the entire team still does today.


When Chad founded Above Category in 2005 he already had what seemed like a lifetime of experience building high performance custom bicycles.  To this day we live by the same mantra: try something new, see if we like it, if it works, if its spirit and look and feel speaks to us, and if it does it becomes part of the AC family. We don’t care about trends, we care about building bikes that excite us; bikes that make us want to get out, rain or shine, day after day. And if, by sharing the depth of our experience, you get the same joy, then we have succeeded in our mission.