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Custom Buying Experience

custom bike experience sarto

Let’s explode a few myths about buying a custom bike. Custom is sometimes portrayed as a mysterious experience where every detail is some monumental, irrevocable choice. That’s not how we do it. Let’s start by defining what “custom” means at Above Category.

Welder at Mosaic Custom Titanium Bicycle Frames

If you want something a little different, something set apart from the pack, something unique that reflects you, then that’s custom. For some people, it’s paint. Others, it’s a choice of parts, or frame geometry that better fits your body. Sometimes, it’s all three. But it’s unmistakably yours. Custom bikes are what we do, what we’ve always done. One of our greatest joys at Above Category is crafting these special creations. The mantra goes: buy experiences, not stuff. But bicycles are unique because they’re both. And if you love your bike, you’ll love to go ride even more.

How does the custom process work at AC?

Our approach is really simple. We start by just asking some questions about the kind of riding you like to do, and what you want out of your new bike. Geometry? Parts? Paint? Those decisions can all be part of the custom-buying experience. But with us as your guide, they’re fun, not fretful.

Baum Custom Titanium Paint Tubes

How much does it cost?

Custom can be surprisingly affordable. Sure, the sky’s the limit with custom; whatever you can imagine, we can make it happen. But it doesn’t have to be the cost of entry. We get as excited creating custom on a budget as we do about the priciest projects. You might think your budget limits you to a stock bike, but for the same investment as some brands’ off-the-rack offerings, we can create something special for you.


custom bike experience drive train

How soon can I get it?

Forget what you’ve heard about interminable wait times. We build beautiful bikes, but we also build relationships with our brands that give us flexibility and access you won’t find anywhere else. As our partner in this project, you’ll get updates at every step to watch your creation come to life. That’s part of the fun, after all. 

Velocolour Paint detail on custom mosaic titanium bike

As we build relationships with our brands, so we do with you. We’d love to host you at the shop and design the perfect bike for you. But distance is no obstacle; we work remote with clients around the world. And our relationship doesn’t stop when we hand you your bike: questions, service and repairs, upgrades, we’re here for the whole ride. Whether you have a detailed vision for a new bike, or just an idea that starts as simple as your favorite color, contact us. We’ll help make it real.

Michael building a custom titanium bicycle Michael building a custom bicycle wheel