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The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds: Day Eleven

by Anthony Little |  | 


Dario Pegoretti's repeated homage to other artists - visual or otherwise - is a well-documented trait of his framebuilding craft. While oftentimes we'll be the first to admit that his far-off references can sometimes cruise over our slightly uncultured heads, there is no mistaking Day Eleven of the Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds, an inimitable Marcelo. Dario calls the paint scheme "Rothko", a direct tribute to the famed abstract expressionist Mark Rothko, some of whose work is over the Golden Gate Bridge from us at San Francisco MoMA's permanent collection.

There's no mistaking a riff on Rothko, and this one came together with an absolutely classic Pegoretti build. Campagnolo Record mechanical, Bora One wheels, and a full fi'zi:k cockpit make the all-Italian assembly pop.
img_4440 img_4431 img_4477 img_4486
It's all in the details. In this case, Rothko's trademark color fields get a Dario Pegoretti treatment on the Marcelo's oversized steel Columbus Spirit tubeset. The Marcelo is Peg's pure steel road racer, with near-instant power transfer, stage-racing geometry, and a sublime ride - even given the frame's stiffness.
And finally, the full reveal. Campagnolo's latest groupset augments the avant-garde Rothko with chunkier shaping, and the clean minimalism of the fi'zi:k cockpit highlights the "instant classic" look of Day Eleven.
Our final day of the Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds has finally arrived. Jamming it down the proverbial chimney is going to take more than one set of wheelbags, but we think we'll be able to manage. Watch out for the magic under the tree tomorrow!